Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hurt -- Pull the Bandaid off fast, please...

Daily Inspiration

To be completely at peace, avoid hurting anyone for any reason. Lord, I will act with kindness and when others are hurtful to me, I will focus on Your presence within them to give me courage to respond gently.If we spend time thanking God for the good things in our lives, we won't have time to do so much complaining.

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life and the many things that bring me joy.

*** Don't fib -- I know you watched it too... lol ***

Pay it Forward for Yesterday: I've been feeling under the weather with flu-like symptoms. But rather than sit on my butt all day long, I did some research for a colleague for a new course she'll start teaching next week. Not much, but she really appreciated it.


Hurt so good (singin') -- come on baby, make it hurt so good. Oops, wrong topic.

Is there anything more difficult than to be kind to those that hurt us. I was taught that I had to let go of the resentments toward those that hurt me and to stop blaming them for my pain.

I've tried to teach, to my child and students, that those who hurt are usually hurting themselves. And we should feel sorry for those who lash out -- not anger and grudge.

Words are so easy to say -- to teach, but oh so difficult to live by.


I needed some extra inspiration today... Join me in a Spiritual Crossword Puzzle.

Can you forgive those who have hurt you?


Akelamalu said...

I have forgiven some who hurt me but forgetting is a different kettle of fish! I'm working on it. :)

Fire Byrd said...

A fine thing to aspire to, and jolly difficult to do sometimes!
But turning the other cheek is tough if you should be standing up yourself.... This subject I realise is not easy to answer with any glib response. Needs some thinking about.

dAAve said...

Praying for those who wrong me always makes me feel better -- about them and me.

Madison said...

Thank you for the reminder.

Steve E. said...

dAAve hit the mark for me "Pray for..."

That way I CAN forgive. And then if I get real busy helping someone, I might even forget.

This is working for me. Now.

Al-anon again said...

Wow that's tough.
Forgive those who have hurt you said easy to say hard to do.

mMybe one day.

Dulce said...

Forgiving depends on the wound which has been left inside. Time tends to heal old injuries. What I find more difficult is to forgive matter the time.

Daisy said...

I think that forgiving is a process that begins with a choice. Choosing to forgive does not mean that we will "feel" forgiving. It can take years before we get to that place. I also believe that it may not be a one time thing where it is immediately done and forgotten. We may end up revisiting the hurt many times over the years and, with each visit, we can move one step closer to really letting it go.

Daisy said...

BTW, have you watched the Brady Bunch movies? Pretty funny.

Tall Kay said...

"In forgiving, I set a prisoner free...much to my surprise, the prisoner was me." I can't forgive without God's help. I think that's why praying for them works every time.

Sarah Dawn said...

Such a delight to meet you today! I too love the bandaid pulled off fast and have learned the true freedom of forgiving those that hurt.

Blessings from the rain,
Sarah Dawn

Anonymous said...

Easy to say, hard to do but it's constantly evolving for me. I did a post similar to this today. Time heals all but memory forgets nothing. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the video and how Marcia's whole life hangs in the ballast because of a deformed nose. ;0 Oh, if that was only the worst thing to happen.
Can I forgive a person who hurt me? Yes and NO. It depends on the hurt, how deep, how bad? I am a forgiving person by nature, but somethings...I will never let go.

Take care and feel better.

Just Be Real said...

Good post Susan. I cannot honest say I am there yet.

rae said...

Love the new look!

I really marinated on your post today. I've found that hyper-focusing on how I've affected other people actually tends to be my downfall. A large part of my adult life has been teaching myself to be "a duck" and just let some stuff roll off. Seems like a catch 22 sometimes.

Thanks for the food for thought.

Trée said...

This is a very hard thing to do. On occasion, I've done so. Yet, there are other hurts I'm still hanging on to, even though I know it is like a poison within me.

Annette said...

Forgiveness is all about me being set free. I also tell my kids that the meanest kid at school is probably the one who needs an act of kindness the most.

I love The Prayer of St. Francis.

Cookie said...

I totally agree! So easy to say... So hard to follow!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Of course I watched every single episode of the Brady's, more than once!

And yes, I have forgiven those who did me wrong in one way or another. Holding on to anger and hurt only messes up my life.

There is a saying that is so true:

hurt people hurt people

and its true, its usually those who are hurting that hurt us.

Great post AS ALWAYS!

Quilly said...

If I don't forgive those who have hurt me, I just keep hurting myself.

Many years after the end of my 14 year marriage I was still hurt and enraged with my ex-, then one evening I had an epiphany -- he was no longer hurting me. I was beating myself with memories of things long past. I decided to just let it go, chalk it up as a learning experience and count myself blessed for the strength I gained while enduring the relationship.

I can now thing of my ex without anger and have moved on to a much better and more loving relationship -- which couldn't have happened had I not forgiven.

Mama Zen said...

The best Brady Bunch episode ever!

Diana said...

Oh yes Susan, I always forgive people that hurt me. Although it may take awhile. Keeping anger and resentment bottled up inside is more painful for me then letting it go. Forgetting may or may not come with time.That is out of our control.
Love Di

clean and crazy said...

you know i am not sure if i can forgive, but when i focus on stepwork and work on me, after a while i don't seem so bothered by it and my perception of the situation changes.
the gal who i finally spoke with after a two year hiatus when i shared my story a couple of weeks ago is prime example. she was a sponsee, i couldn't handle it so i fired her. at the time i had a newborn, a one year old and a mother i was taking care of who was dying of cancer and renal failure which meant dialysis 3X's a week. very stressed to say the least.
we had an issue where mom almost died from chemo and i almost signed her off life support, as i was her durable power of attorney for medical. well she didn't pass away that day but i was still a wreck so i went to a meeting to share about it so i could come home and take care of her.
the ex sponsee was at the meeting, one i said i would not go to if she was there because of our fight we had. well i went anyway i really needed a meeting.
i got home after the meeting and checked my email where i found she sent me a nasty little one it said i was a liar and to not go to her meetings because i said i wouldn't, she doesn't go to my meeting so i need not go to her meeting. do ya get the picture here.
you want to talk about pissed off, i mass emailed out to everyone i knew to deal with this person before i had her arrested and warned her that if she ever tried to contact me or my family again i would have her arrested for stalking.
two years later i can see where her feelings were hurt, but those were her feelings and i am not responsible for them. she has apologized for her behavior and i am good with that. but i am talking 2 years now, we do this program on Gods time not ours. it takes time to heal and see our part in situations before we can understand them at all, i think then, even if we have done nothing wrong, but can actually see that, then it is easier to not hate a hater. great post, i have some more stories to go with it but i have rambled on long enough. thanks for letting me share.

Dr.John said...

Every night when I get to that part of the Lord's prayer where I tell God I have forgiven others I stop and review the day in my mind. I wqant to be sure I have.

robert said...

Must be now a decade or so, that my back then boss called me into the office, asking me to get some stuff out of the basement, holding the keys towards me.
Just a split second before I could grap them, they dropped. Without a word I did bow and picked them up.
Next day in the office:'This was a mistake, you made',he said,'it was a test.'
Well, what a brilliant kind of test would that be. Three years I had to work there, together with many more tests, which I failed to pass, all of them - in the end I hope he understood.
Nevertheless, forgive him, maybe even am thankful, as he helped me to build me a character.

A strong, character filled Sunday to you.

Cloudia said...

Great post, Sister ;-}

To forgive is to free yourself!

Comfort Spiral

Syd said...

What Dave said...I pray for those with whom I have difficulty. I pray for my attitude to change. I leave the forgiving up to God.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Forgiving others...not too much of a problem. Forgiving myself, that's another story. Love and ((hugs))

Shadow said...

i can... but it does take some work and time.....