Friday, January 27, 2012

I know it's been over a year, but I'm Back... Ready, Set... Share!

All work and no play makes Susie a verrrrry dull girl.

I was checking out at the supermarket the other day, near the gum, beef jerky and tabloid magazines. And there she was -- Amy Whinehouse. I made a comment... "That poor thing - so sad she didn't get it on time."

The woman behind me took offense. She said, "I'm so sick of hearing about these celebrity addicts. When someone dies overseas in the war, they don't get this much attention. We rarely hear about it."

Being a recovering addict, I jumped to Whinehouse's defense and immediately replied, "It's apples and oranges... You can't compare the two." I backed up my opinion by claiming these reports can worthwhile, even if it sways one person to get help.

When I got in my car, the woman's comment haunted me. Was she right? I thought?

What's your opinion?