Sunday, September 6, 2009

Live my life to the What?

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may live each day as though it were my last. I pray that I may live my life as though it were everlasting.

*** You couldn't get me to do this in a million years***

PAY it FORWARD for Yesterday: I won the 50/50 at my daughter's game and donated it back to the team even though I really could have used it.


I always love a good prayer. What prayer can be bad, right?

(PEE or Applejuice -- Life's Eternal Mystery)

Well, today's daily prayer -- I had a trouble with it. Before I became sober, that's exactly how I lived my life -- as if each day were my last. Look where that mentality almost got me... in a coffin, nearly taking some others with me.

Sue, I don't think the prayer means that... The key is Everlasting. You must live your life each day with the light of your Higher Power as your eternal guide.

Since I'm still confused, I'm decided to change the prayer to something more comfortable for me:
Live today with all the kindness, forgiveness and grace that I would muster as if I knew it were the day I was going to meet my Maker.

It's okay to change a prayer, right?


What did you think of today's prayer?


Anonymous said...

I am in TOTAL agreement with you on this prayer. Amen and amen. Say a prayer for me as I once again today, seek to crucify the flesh in the area of sugar. (((hugs)))

Fire Byrd said...

Yep prefer your version.

Shadow said...

i like your version. that's a good way of living!

Angela said...

That was beautiful sis.

Change prayer?

My prayer changes each and every day. Sometimes it's short, sometimes its long, sometimes I'm bawling through it,or whispering or screaming. The prayer becomes my communication to the One, Who hears, and Who answers!!

Tall Kay said...

I don't think God cares what words you use, He already knows what's in your heart.

It is in giving that we receive, and giving the money to the team was a very generous thing to do.

Anne said...

(Buy one get one free-cute!)

I love prayers from the heart the best! It's so easy to use others words of prayer, but unless you feel them in your heart, they just feel meaningless and don't you think God can tell when our hearts aren't in the prayer? Go ahead and make up your own words-I bet God loves them!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I absolutely love today's prayer and I think all prayers can be changed to suit our needs/wants.

I pray the people in the video don't procreate.

Madison said...

I just pray that one of my daughters doesn't meet one of those guys in the video.

rae said...

Very interesting. It's making me think.

Dr.John said...

Sometimes it makes good sense to change a prayer.

Diana said...

I loved your prayer for the day Sue! And you can pray anyway that you want to as God knows what you need already!

And call me crazy, but that stunt looked fun to me!
Love Crazy (Di)

Mary Christine said...

I vote for yours.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

All good.

I'm of the Anne Lamott school of though - wherein "Help" and "Thank you" are valid prayers. :)

Lin said...

I say live your life each day as to make your "maker" proud of you. I'm not sure that I want to live like I'm gonna die each day! ;)

Congrats on the 50/50 win--how generous of you to pass it to the team--I'm not sure I could have done that these days. You are a good person, Sue!

Little M said...

What goes around comes around. You just might have a bigger win coming your way!

Cloudia said...

I LIKE it!


Comfort Spiral

claude said...

Hello Sue
The video makes my blood running cold.
I did never pray, Sue, Sorry, but I hope and want you have a good life. Get sober !

Dulce said...

Good work. Good idea. Good prayer. I'm with you
Lovely woman!

Indigo said...

I totally agree with your version. I had a chest x-ray today and had to give some of the red stuff, purely routine but to air on the side of caution. I hope the results are OK and I can continue to live my life as it goes on until eternity, when ever that is.

Quilly said...

Sue -- your update to the prayer has focused it (made it "actionable") and made it much more positive. I highly approve.

And as to that bungee bounce thing, I take it these folks have never heard of whiplash?

Syd said...

I think that this day is the only one that I have so it is good to live it as if it may be my last. Because it is at the moment. Tomorrow isn't here yet. And the everlasting part means to me that I must live with the circumstances that I create, as if they were everlasting. At least that's my interpretation.