Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

How the heck have all of my friends been. You might have thought I fell off the face of the Earth. But I'm back. Hoping all my friends are okay out there.

A couple of updates -- My friend did accomplish her goal -- she raised enough money to keep the scholarship going.

And as for me? I've been writing, reading, going to movies -- the things I love best.

Tomorrow will be 8 years clean and sober for me -- One Day at a Time.

I miss you all. And I hope to keep blogging.

Let me know if you're alright, need any help, or just want to shoot the s$#&...

Hugs and Happiness. xoxoxo Sue


Barbara said...

Susan! I am so glad to see you did not fall off the face of the planet :) Sounds like things are going good.

Diana said...

Wow I was so surprised to see you back! I was wondering if everything was alright. I even worried a bit from time to time. Congratulations Sue, eight years, that is great! Please don't stay away so long this time! Love Di ♥

Syd said...

Nice to read you again. Happy anniversary to you.

clean and crazy said...

happy birthday so you got clean on the anniversary of elvis's death? i got clean on his birthday!! awesome!!

keep coming back!!

asadisae said...

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