Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perfection -- Slightly Imperfected Items are 50% Off...

Daily Inspiration

Make peace with your imperfections and concentrate on your strengths. Lord, teach me to become more aware of my goodness so that little by little I will become even better.We can be serious about our work without being serious about ourselves.

Lord, help me to enjoy the person that I am.


PERFECTION is a touchy subject for me. I've been struggling with this issue my whole life.

SCENE: As Susan ponders the Daily Inspiration of her Susan/Susan Recovery Project, she drifts into her computer screen.

Susan: Perfection... Ha, nobody's perfect.
/Susan: So why do you think about it -- strive for it -- all of the time?
Susan: Well, shouldn't we all try to look our best, be our best?
/Susan: What is your best?
Susan: My best? I don't know... I haven't gotten there, yet.


I know I can't be perfect; Nobody on this Earth is perfect. But while striving to be my best -- to be what I believe society wants me to be -- I fall short.

Each time I fall short, it's harder to get back up and heal the scraps on my knuckles and knees.

A good friend of mine in early recovery always said to me, "Sue, don't take yourself so seriously." I'll try to keep that in mind today.


Do you take yourself too seriously?


Just Be Real said...

Susan, appreciate your post and your daily inspiration to make peace with my imperfections!!

I do take myself too seriously many times!!

Thanks again for sharing and love the video. I cannot believe he got strikes with his pitches! Awesome.


Swatantra said...

The video is amazing Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for the visit to my blog, hope to see u again..

Daisy said...

Video made me chuckle. Good thoughts, Susan. Perfection is a big fat red herring.

Angela said...

Make peace with your imperfections and concentrate on your strengths. Lord, teach me to become more aware of my goodness so that little by little I will become even better.We can be serious about our work without being serious about ourselves.

Lord, help me to enjoy the person that I am.
This spoke volumes to my heart...

Linda said...

You have been sent to my blog this morning for a reason. God sent you!

This morning a song kept coming to my mind from the radio. It must be meant for us today!

"perfection is my enemy" This so confirms your post for today.

I am looking forward to getting to know the Susan who is inside of you. These words are from the book I am reading, "renewal resides within every suffering person, within all of us. It is a force that helps focus our attention away from our addictive impulses and toward renewal. Here this inner force is called the drive for connection. The drive is a constant, upward pressure that pushes us to seek out and connect with things outside ourselves and with something larger than ourself. The desire to be reunited with the Divine.

God bless you! I am so happy to meet you!

claude said...

Hello Susan !
Thanks for your coming on my blog and your comment.
Your two last videos are very funny.
The baby with love and hate on his fingers reminds me the movie with Robert Mitchum "la nuit du chasseur " in french.
You can leave your comments in english.
The more I have bloggerfriends the less I can write my blog in english. So I put the google translator.
I have certainly some imperfections. I am very serious when I do everything but I do not take myself seriously.

Fire Byrd said...

Isn't wanting to be perfect a completely impossible goal anyway... and who's perfection, yours or the imaginary other?
Cause from where I sit, you are perfect just as I am, your also useless, just like I am.
But what I do, is tell myself I'm good enough, and I'm like all others being good enough, and that will do for me.
Have you ever asked anyone else if your okay? Cause bet you they'd say yes. It's not worth wasting your life trying to achieve perfection, it will never happen.
Cause say you get perfect in having the best sense of humour on the planet, someone will come along and tell you it's no good.
Thank you for stopping by, sorry about the lecture notes, but I'm a therapist by profession with dead alcohol parents, and a son potentially heading that way.Uuumm that's my excuse for not being perfect then!!!

rae said...

I love a new reader! And I love the idea of this blog. You've got a follower in me.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

I am a recovering perfectionist. I finally realized that I can not please all of the people all of the time, can't be what society thinks I should be, nobody can or should. We are all unique and different. We try to control our feelings and emotions with "making things perfect". It used to make me think I had some control over things, but it was an illusion and I was spinning like a top, frustrated all the time and beat myself up for not getting everything right. Let go of one thing at a time. Let the dishes sit in the sink until you can get to them. This was my first step, HARD, but I just went from there. You have already touched many, so you are a special person:)

Lou said...

Sending you a less than perfect hug..

Cloudia said...

perfection is only in foregiveness!
Great post, Sue


Comfort Spiral

Cat said...

I have a hard time with perfection - I don't believe in it.
But I will be back.

G-Man said...

Perfection is unattainable and wayyyy over rated.

Thank You so much for visiting and commenting today...

Perhaps there is a Perfect 55 in your future???????


Syd said...

I used to take myself too seriously but realize how ego driven that was. Now I do my best to be mindful of how ego can trick me into being imperious, demanding, controlling and bring out all my other character defects. I prefer to not be so serious now.

linda may said...

G'Day, Thanks for the; this post I am a bundle of contradictions. Sometimes I am o.k sometimes I am not. Hopeful of feeling o.k more often than not though. Getting better as I get older.
You have a very thought provoking blog here Sue.

Trée said...

I have always taken myself too seriously. And I've paid the price in stress and worry and wrinkles and and few too many other things I thought would help but didn't and don't.

Steve E. said...

an, I sure appreciate that you visit my blog, also that you now know about AA rule #62 "Don't take yourself too seriously."

Perfection1 Is that not God's attribute, and God's alone? So, if by definition God IS LOVE, then probably love will bring us as close to that perfection as we're allowed.

The love of GIVING is what we talking about here, right?

Shadow said...

ha! i'm my own worst judge and jury. but i've started giving them days off and they are being nicer to me now...

Thicket Dweller said...

Yep. It's so hard to let go of that image I have of perfection. Sometimes I even think I've come close to coming close to attaining it, and then I catch a sidelong glimpse in the mirror, or I walk into my house to see the mess, and I realize how wrong I was. What a pain.