Monday, September 14, 2009

Talent -- Watch out Kanye West, I'm back...

Daily Inspiration

Talent is the ability to do easily that which others find difficult.

Lord, help me to recognize and value the abilities that I have been given and use them gratefully.

Simple trust in God is all that is required to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Lord, I love You. I trust in You. I am Your child.

Pay It Forward -- even though I'm struggling with these flu-like symptoms, I got up, went food shopping, cooked a pot roast then planted myself on the couch. When my daughter got home from college, she paid it forward by cleaning the place up.


My talents? I'm not sure... does being able to tie a cherry stem with my tongue count? Perhaps it's working well with weak, troubled students. Is that a talent? Hmmm, I'll have to think about that...

I truly believe I witnessed true 'talent' on television while watching the MTV music video awards last night.

A young country-pop singer, Taylor Swift, won an award for best female performance. While starting her acceptance speech, Kanye West , another artist, interrupted on stage adding his added his two cents that Beyonce should have won the award. (watch his ridiculous behavior in today's video).

But it wasn't until the end of the awards ceremony did I witness true talent, professionalism and kindness. When Beyonce won the last award of the evening -- the prestigious Video of the year award -- she paused then said, "I remember when I was 17 years old with Destiny's Child and nominated for an MTV music award. It was the most exciting moment of my life..."

Beyonce Knowles

Then she asked for the humiliated Taylor Swift to please come back onto the stage. Beyonce gave her moment in the spotlight to the young nineteen-year old rising starlet -- stepping back and allowing her to finish her acceptance speech.

Clearly God was doing his work through the superstar. Now, that's what I call real talent.


To my Readers: I went back to work last week (teaching high school). Between prepping for the 2 new classes and this horrible haunting cold, I've had difficulty bloggin this week. Thanks for all of your emails and messages. Hugs... xoxoxo

What are some of your talents?


Shadow said...

i hope you feel well real soon. and working well with weak, troubled students is DEFINATELY a talent. it takes patience and determination to do that...

dAAve said...

Kanye West clearly has some problems to iron out. Let's pray for him.

Have fun at school!!

Dulce said...

Yes Shadow is right. Being able to teach (and bear)teenagers is not an easy task. Now I teach adults (English) and the big difference is you work for people who WANT to study..
As for my talents, well.(so many... grin) I can deal with English, I am intuitive and can love badly...
AND...!!! I got an award today (see my blog)
Lots of love &
Get well soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon ((hugs)) and that you have a blessed school year. I wanted to let you know my new domain name is hislivingsacrifice(dot)com

I should still be on your google/blogger followers list, but as His Living Sacrifice, not Believing Woman's Diary.

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Feel better, Susan, we need you bloggin for us!

John DeFlumeri Jr

Diana said...

Hi Sue,
I was wondering where you went but now I understand how busy you must be and not feeling well on top of it all! My Katie is sick too. Not feeling so hot myself.
I think that if you can help people in whatever form Sue, that is a talent. There are so many people that just don't give a crap about helping anyone. I can crochet really well which is a talent but being able to help someone else is much more of a talent in my eyes. I hope you start feeling better,you need to in order to deal with all of those teens! Love Di

Steve E. said...

It is what I say NOW...Doggone, I missed the video--procrastination, did not watch it earlier when I had a it's been taken off.

BUT--you description sufficed, and I always like to hear of real talent...real hero-type peeps.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I was getting concerned about you too. Glad to hear/read you today.
That Kanye, what an idiot. I nominate him for Idiot of the year award. :)
My talents? cleaning. organizing. loving. laughing. they don't pay well, but it is what I was given.
feel better friend!

Tall Kay said...

We missed you Susan. It's good to hear from you.

I really like Taylor Swift and that is moment she will never forget. Talk about a living amends!

You are very creative and have a knack with words...more talents :o)

Marsha said...

I was really surprised by West's rudeness. He was so kind with his mother.

Secondary Roads said...

The ability to teach is a wonderful gift and talent. All the more so when you are teaching troubled children.

Beyonce has an ability that goes beyond singing. To reach out to the humiliated youngster with healing and restoration was an act of kindness, consideration and class.

Marsha said...

Particuarly after having watched America's got talent I realize even more fully that I have none. I'm perfectly okay with that though. If we were all talented, talents wouldn't be nearly as enchanting, would they?

I hope you feel better soon.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Hope you are feeling better real soon.
I found it interesting how the whole Taylor Swift incident came full circle within the time frame of the show.

Trée said...

Sue, all the best with school and teaching. Hope you feel better soon.

Dexter(QuoteGuy) said...

I felt badly for Swift. My hope is that everyone will realize that there is more than enough for everyone. Thanks for sharing, and FEEL better. Many Blessings!!!


Madison said...

As for Kanye, it only takes a couple of swigs of booze and a voice to do something that stupid.

robert said...

Nice to see you return.
About school, which started here as well, ...oh yes, can't get used to students eating their pencils instead of using them as a writing tool.
On the other side, there are also those who make all their homework and an exercise more, because it was so interesting to them.
Life's pretty strange throughout this months it seems.
Getting well soon wishes to you!

Al-anon again said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Darn the video has been taken off, would have like to have seen that. Kanye def has some issues.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Sue, I can see LOTS of your talents through your writing (whis IS one of your talents). I can also see lots of great character traits. But what I'd really like to see is the cherry stem trick, can you do a video for us please :)

Yeah Kanye has some sort of a problem that's for sure. What an @ss!

I hope you feel better good (oh, another talent - you can cook. I have never cooked a pot roast in my life).

Lynn said...

I hope you are better soon. Yes - Kanye West's behavior was inexcusable, but Beyonce - a class act all the way.

My talents. Being the best friend, sister and daughter that I can. Making other people's day go better as much as possible. :)

Syd said...

Susan, enjoy school. I think that what Beyonce did showed great character. Some of my talents--I guess writing and photography would count.

Swatantra said...

Talent.. nice definition..

Marsha said...

I'm sorry about your cold, and teaching high school? That there are people in our world who still volunteer for that sentence in life never ceases to amaze me. You're a saint.

claude said...

Hi Sue ! I am back !
Everyone has some own talents.
I whis you a good school year.

Lisa said...

You know, I have to say.....I am so happy I read this today:

Wow! Beyonce really showed a lot of class and your so right true talent.

Maybe she should run for congress or a set in the senate...Wouldn't that be something?

Treating people with respect maybe it will catch on. Fixing the wrong and making them right.

MMMMM Great Post!!

Hope your feeling better soon.

diane d said...

I think that working with weak/troubled students is a very great talent to have!

I hope you feel better soon!

I'm still trying to find my talent.

Trudy said...

Just wanted to say tht I'm hoping you'll be feeling better soon!

That was inexscusable--on the VMAs, but in this society--not shocking! That poor little girl! But, it was wonderful of Beyonce to do that--it gives me hope.

Angela said...

I never did watch what happened but heard all about it. My daughter Shaneah told me what this very classy and humble woman did for Taylor. How beautiful

Hope your on the mend girl..((hugs))