Monday, August 31, 2009

Pain -- Why don't you like me?

Meditation For The Day

Try not to give way to criticism, blame, scorn, or judgment of others, when you are trying to help them. Effectiveness in helping others depends on controlling yourself. You may be swept away by a temporary natural urge to criticize or blame, unless you keep a tight rein on your emotions.

You should have a firm foundation of spiritual living which makes you truly humble, if you are going to really help other people. Go easy on them and be hard on yourself.That is the way you can be used most to uplift a despairing spirit. And seek no personal recognition for what you are used by God to accomplish.

Prayer For The Day: I pray that I may try to avoid judgment and criticism. I pray that I may always try to build up others instead of tearing them down.

*** an excerpt from Mean Girls ***


When I feel down, and after a day like yesterday -- eating unhealthy and arguing with my daughter -- I do feel down... I tend to beat myself up.

Today is a new day. My daughter and I are BFFs again, and woke up this morning, picked myself up and began another attempt at living with a healthy mind, body and spirit. I just hope my frustration quarterbacked by my disease will not create more misdirected anger at my seventeen year old.

Susan: This disease makes me feel weak and stupid -- just like when I'm watching Jeopardy and I try to answer questions more than $400. Who am I kidding... $200. This disease makes me feel...
/Susan: ...Stop it -- I can't take your whining anymore. Didn't you get anything from the meditation and prayer for the day?
Susan: There was a meditation and prayer for the day?

All kidding aside -- today is another day. And I'm not going to give up. I'm going to keep reading and writing -- and praying. Because I truly believe, with perseverance, I can be saved. I know I'm not alone.


Today's question is a WORD ASSOCIATION... what's the first word that pops into your head when I say, "PAIN"?

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sunshine said...

Go easy on them and be hard on myself.
Perfect words for me today as I am beginning to realize I'm a lot harder on others than I am myself.

This seems to be a theme


Fire Byrd said...

word association..... glass

In my world we are all equal, so I'm as nice as I can be to others and myself. Not better to one and not to another, that way leads to powerlessness.
For me to to be there for others I must be there for myself first.

Anonymous said...

Failure was the first word that entered my mind when I thought of pain. "You should have a firm foundation of spiritual living which makes you truly humble, if you are going to really help other people. Go easy on them and be hard on yourself", amen!! This really, really, struck a chord in me.

Annette said...

One minute at a time, just for today...that is how I have to live most of my life. Much more than that and I begin to feel overwhelmed and then stupid for feeling overwhelmed. I'm working daily at keeping my side of the street clean no, you are not alone at all. Ever. ((hug)) Glad you introduced yourself over at my nice to be reading you.

Tall Kay said...

Very inspiring meditation today. Thank you for sharing these everyday. Off to a good humble start...

Linda said...

My word association to pain is


And give my brain to think for a moment and I will tell you why?

Exercise without pain would probably mean you are not working hard enough at losing weight.

But if you can feel it then it is working!
I have a spiritual meaning too but I can't think of it right now, but I will with the help of the Holy Spirit. lol

Dulce said...

Hi Sue
Well my word association is PAIN > CRYING desperately.And lots of other things associated with 'suffering'.

Come and visit my blog. I hope you like what I've written thinking (also) of you!

Swatantra said...

Your blog always inspires.. thanks for sharing!!

Diana said...

Hi Susan!
Free , Pain free. I have so much arthritis and would love to be pain free!

One thing that I have been practicing this past year when my teen drives me to the brink of screaming,which quite often happens, is something that my Pastor suggested to me. And it is very simple and it has kept me calm many times with her. He suggested that I choose my battles with her. I ask myself, is this argument worth pushing me into another stroke. Usually the answer is no. So I wait until we are both calm and we can talk. It has really helped me!

I thought your prayer was wonderful and something that is worth practicing!

Love Di

Shadow said...


clean and crazy said...

pain- needles.
i too had trials with my 15 year old daughter who is in some world fraught with peril right now. at least in her mind. but instead of letting her guilt me and be mad i gave her some chores to do and went of to do my own thing. i am tired of her using my emotions like a weapon and me falling for her crap. the world does not revolve around her, even though she wants it to. take care of you

Busy Bee Suz said...


I applaud you for taking each day as a new opportunity to do well. That is all we can do.
Love the mean girls reference(s)

I also love your inner conversations. I have many also, but am afraid to share for the people with the big white jackets may come for a visit.

Take care, Suz

Lou said...

Pain= sorrow. Physical pain does not bother me, but my immediate association was emotional pain.

Yep, it's a new day S/S. You can get back on track.

dark wings said...

Pain - Heart, broken too easy, too willing to surrender, and still holds on to that elusive dream of forever after..argh!..I'm getting carried away here..shoot me!

Mama Zen said...

Honestly? Pain -> in the rear! That's exactly what I am when I start feeling sorry for myself.

rae said...

Love the clip today!

When I hear the word "pain" I think of the military cadence that moves all the way down the body. The guy who is leading it yells "PAIN!" and everyone yells back "PAIN!" Then the head guy names a part of the body, ex: "in my head!" and everyone repeats that, too. Etc...

Hubs introduced me to this cadence when I was trying to run. At first I was SO not interested, but he explained that instead of trying to tune out pain completely, this cadence pinpoints your focus on ONLY one thing. What you feel is real, but it's only a little bit of all of the pain. And by the time you're done running (and your whole body is beat) you're that much prouder of yourself because you know what you've been through (you've been focusing on it the whole time). You didn't "zombie" your way through it with techno music or TV.

I got all symbolic there, I think. But it's become one of my favorite things to run to (when I run, which isn't often :) I feel such a sense of accomplishment.

robert said...

word associaton: fear.

Something I seem to fight on a constant base. It's now a quarter to four in the morning, allow me to return tomorrow, while being impressed much for hours after leaving your site.
Please have a nice start into the new week.

Lin said...

I think it is normal to have days like that and you shouldn't beat yourself up for it. You must forgive yourself for you are human. And oh, you can't and shouldn't be your daughter's BFF--you can be mom and daughter--but friends isn't a good thing when you are a parent. Making her mad at you means that you are the parent! I know when my kids are mad I'm doing something right.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Great post as always! Pain = fibromyalgia and having a son addicted to drugs.

claude said...

Sue, I just read your sincere goal.
Continue the good way.
Do not have any pain, Sue. La life is good.

Just Be Real said...

Be gentle with myself is one area I am trying to improve on. Thanks Susan for sharing this wisdom. Blessings dear one!!

Syd said...

Having sponsees has helped me to understand humility more and more. I don't criticize or blame them, and because of the program I believe that I am much less critical of everyone. Great message and post.

Edie said...

This is something we all need to practice.

Word association for Pain: Gift

Phillip Yancy author of The Gift of Pain. Very good book. Awesome insight into why God created pain. I don't like pain but I appreciate the gift.