Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free Will -- There's always a fork in the road, a spoon or a steak knife...

Meditation For The Day

Breathe in the inspiration of goodness and truth. It is the spirit of honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love. It is readily available if we are willing to accept it wholeheartedly.

God has given us two things– His spirit and the power of choice – to accept or not, as we will.We have the gift of free will. When we choose the path of selfishness and greed and pride, we are refusing to accept God's spirit. When we choose the path of love and service, we accept God's spirit and it flows into us and makes all things new.

Prayer For The Day: I pray that I may choose the right way. I pray that I may try to follow it to the end.


Choices -- some are simple, like deciding to leave a lucrative programming career to teach high school math and raise my own daughter. Other decisions are more difficult, like deciding what 2 sides to get with my Turkey entree at Boston Market.

Regardless, I believe it is my choice -- my responsibility -- and depending upon the choices I make, my life might take a different turn.

Sue, do you really believe that you have that kind of control in your life?

Control? Ha, if I had control, I would be able to drink only 2 classes of Moet rather than 2 bottles at a sitting. No, it's more like I have the ability to choose my own direction. And my direction may determine the roads I travel in my life.

So, you don't believe in destiny or predetermination at all?

Wow, an extremely existentialist question before my morning cup of Joe. To simplify this multi-faceted topic, life is like a video game. Let's call it The DeAngelis House of Doom. I can muddle through, go left, right, up, down... I can take on a whole clan of zombies with only a half clip and a smile or bail out down some sewage pipes below.

My goal is the same -- to get to the end, win the game, while accumulating as many points as possible.

I still don't get it, Sue.

Zombie analogy too weird for ya? Okay, I believe no matter what choices we make during our lifetime, in the end, all roads lead to the same place. But the paths we choose and how we interact with others during our travels, define who we truly are as individuals.

Enough said. I have to decide what I'm going to do first this morning -- the laundry, food shopping, cleaning the house. No stress, if I don't get to it today, it'll get done eventually.


Help me decide -- scrambled or over easy for breakfast?

What is your take on Free Will and Destiny? What happened when you tried the Freaky Math Trick?

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Secondary Roads said...

When I took the freaky math test, I thought of a big red tasty beet. The test couldn't figure that out?

CG said...

I love that prayer and it's very suitable for me today! Thanks :)

Tall Kay said...

I thought of a carrot...very weird.

Akelamalu said...

I believe no matter what choices we make during our lifetime, in the end, all roads lead to the same place. But the paths we choose and how we interact with others during our travels, define who we truly are as individuals.

I am so in agreement with you on this. I would just add one thing though. I believe we are here to learn and will keep coming back until we are perfect then move on to a higher plane. We learn by the different paths we choose. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I came up with eggplant and not carrot. What is wrong with me???

I always get the creamed spinach and veggies. Love Boston Market.

I love your thoughts on destiny. I believe in it as well and think that the end result is going to be the same, no matter what.

I like my eggs over and well!!
Happy weekend.

Lou said...

Great post. I believe "in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make".

Linda said...

Nope! I picked peas but then again it went so slow I had plenty of time to think of the answers and the question. lol

I think having free will is such an awesome gift. That means each day, I get up in the morning and I can say yes to God, that I did it on my own. I am not a puppet on a string being guided the way I should go but I get to decide myself.

I wake each morning the same, empty and I get to proceed and fill up my day with many paths,of course God gets to connect the dots and make a straight path for me, he even will have to remove a few road blocks that I may trip and fall on, but in the end I know I am not traveling alone, God is at my side.
Hugs sweetie!

mitch said...

I didn't get the math trick.I picked cucumber.Peace

Diana said...

I thought of a tomato and I think that's a fruit? I'm all screwed up now! As far as free will and destiny go, I believe in both. Why? I haven't a clue!
Love Di

P.S. I really don't think much!

robert said...

Breath in - connect.
Breath out - make things happen.

Even though there are many lemons in front of me and a bit of them inside my tea, picked cucumber as well.
Please have a nice weekend.

clean and crazy said...

it's not about the destination, it is the journey that counts.

Pam said...

I thought aspargus it said carrot, but that's OK 'cause I've always liked flash card addition ;)